Get Off the Sidelines!

Be a part of the movement and participate in building a better future for District 3! Join this historical campaign and stand up for the values that make our community great. Make a difference.

I am a First-Generation American and a life-long member of historic St. John Vianney, the oldest Catholic Church in the district. My parents met in English class where they learned a lot more than just a new language, they also became better citizens. They were shown the value in helping others in the community fulfill the version of the American dream. We are stronger when we work together.


I am an “Active Citizen” that is deeply engaged in the day-to-day issues affecting the people of Orange county it has been an honor to serve my community through a lifetime of volunteer work, including cofounding active charity groups. We work to improve education, fight the scourge of homelessness, and teach new mothers and fathers how to be safer parents.


I have a degree in business. My husband and I are small business owners that are very proud of the fact that we help many others start dozens of new businesses that have lead to the creation of hundreds of new jobs.